Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Garden - July 2

The strawberry plant has been awesome. We've been enjoying strawberries all summer. But recently I noticed the leaves getting a little yellowish and no more strawberries or flowers. I also noticed our avocado seed was destroyed. I think the birds have been eating a bit more than their share, so I've moved it all closer to the house.

We've got a ton of these little yellow bell tomatoes growing.

I bought a bunch of these huge $1 seed packet mixes of basil, parsley and chives from Target nothing grew so I took them back. Then suddenly over a month later, these sprouted up.

I love how pretty the cucumber flowers are! Such a bright sun-shiny yellow!

These were supposed to be little red patio tomatoes, but they're looking pretty big to me...

I let the peanut plant what was left of that herb mix packet in these pots.

Are pea plant wasn't looking too good, but it seems to be making a comeback.

I see a lot of people on various gardening boards complain of bugs eating their plants. Luckily (knock on wood) mine have been doing okay. I think between the birds and the colony of these spiders eating the bugs that would be destructive to my garden, we're doing okay so far.

The bed is easily the most full and garden-y looking. Lots of lettuce, carrots and beets!

I have so many beets and yet I know almost no one that eats them! I'm going to start simple (esp. since I have no kitchen to cook in just yet) and roast the beets and steam the greens.

Holy crap! Do I actually have corn starting to grow on those little barely three foot high stalks!

We only have a handful of corn growing, but next year, I'd like to have an entire bed of them.

I decided to throw in a couple of more expired squash seeds to fill in some empty space.

Here are the non-container growing tomatoes.

I have a really good feeling about these cantaloupe....

The bell pepper plant doesn't seem to be growing too much, but it sure looks healthy!

Those extra squash seeds was probably a bad idea since I already have a lot growing. I'm hoping to spread them out if the other seeds I planted don't start doing something soon.

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  1. We often have no peppers until late summer in our yard, so hang in there.;-)


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