Wednesday, July 31, 2019

EVA Accidentally Vegan Birkenstocks Review PLUS How to Stop Them from Making Noise

Did you know Birkenstock now makes some vegan friendly shoes?  I did buy a pair of the Mayari Vegan Birko-Flor sandals, I'll talk about that some other time.  But in addition to those, their EVA collection falls into the accidentally vegan category.

EVA stands for Ethylene vinyl acetate.  As per their site, "EVA is a skin-friendly plastic with exceptional abrasion resistance... EVA is flexible and, of course, water-friendly." I couldn't find them locally at a store so I could try them out, so I ordered the Birkenstock Essentials Gizeh EVA Anthracite sandals. Yes, they look a little odd, but apparently Birkenstocks are now trendy?  When did that happen?

I was a girl of the nineties, with my pointy-toed high heels, running around to bars and clubs, inadvertently destroying my feet in the process.  I need more support than a traditional flip flop can offer.  At about forty dollars a pop, I thought it was a better to own one pair that don't hurt my feet and shins than several pairs that do.

I tried them on, walked around and just loved them.  Great support. Good fit despite my insanely wide feet.  But then there was the noise.  This horrible farting sound every time I walked.  Hmmm...were these worth keeping if they sounded like this?  Nope.  But I wanted to keep them!  So to the internet I went.

Pages of pages of reading and I found someone with a solution. It was a random comment on some random site.  Reddit maybe?  I wish I remembered or could find it again so I could give that person credit.  The very simple solution is Velcro.  Yes, you read that right, Velcro.

Take a piece of Velcro, the soft fuzzy part, obviously not the hard scratchy side.  Cut it to the length of the inner arch.  I recommend rounding the corners so it doesn't lift up and start scratching at your foot. I don't know for sure that it would happen, but err on the side of caution.

Obviously, everyone's feet and adventures are different.  But for me, I've warn these Birkenstock Gizeh EVAs out and about, to the beach, and to the park for the past two months.  They've been holding up really well and I've had no issues with the Velcro staining or pulling off.  For me, the comfort of these outweigh the look and if I do wind up having to replace the Velcro every few months, I'd be okay with that.  Hope this tip helps!  That farting noise is a deal breaker! 

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  1. Thanks, I had the same problem. The velcro is an amazing and simple solution. Grateful for your research and post.


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