Thursday, July 4, 2013

Garden Tour - June 16

I am aware that it is July. Everything is bigger.
 But I had these pics, so I thought I'd post them anyway.
The Peanut's sugar snap peas are over 5 feet tall.


I have so much zucchini I started grating and freezing it.

The forest of mint.

We have picked buckets of sugar snap peas.

Onion flower.

String beans.

More zucchini. Sooooo much zucchini....
I know, shut up. I'm not complaining. 
It's awesome to have so much.
And my co-workers are happy to take the extra ones.

The yellow squash is not doing so great.
Not sure why...


A lovely girl at work brought me 20 pepper plants.
I'm interested to see what kind of peppers they wind up being.

Pickling cukes.  I have a batch of pickles
fermenting on my counter as we speak.

I have over 25 tomato plants.  We've started picking some red cherry tomatoes.

Here are the girls picking strawberries.

The artichokes continue to get big.

This is one of the first big projects the Hubby and the Peanut did.
This might be a Roma.
I think this is a Prudens Purple

This is a Matt's Wild Cherry.
I have newer pics.  Everything is even bigger.
The Big Red tomato plant keeps falling over.
I've frozen over 20 pounds of zucchini.
I spotted a groundhog the other day.
Rat bastard better stay out of my garden!
The pickles are good according to the Hubby.
I've also been making yogurt, sauerkraut, honey mead and ginger beer.
But that's a tale for another time...