Monday, December 29, 2008

Ugly IKEA Microwave Cabinet...Hide it w/ Extra Edgebanding!

If you are super careful and very lucky, you won't need to use much of the edgebanding that came with your IKEA toekicks. I managed to keep all but one cut edge up against the wall or perpendicular to a piece with an already finished edge. So now I have lots of lots of edgebanding.

And being a big believer in the use what you have concept, I started looking around for where can I iron this stuff onto.

The IKEA microwave cabinet is fine and functional but you're left with an exposed rim of the cabinet...either beige or white. It never really bothered me, but aesthetically it is kind of an eye sore.

But now that ironed on some of my extra edgebanding, I have to say it blends into the cabinets much better. (Sorry, I didn't think to take a before shot.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got Extra Laminate Countertop Pieces Left Over?

I hate to waste anything. So when I wound up with two extra pieces of my post form laminate counter I racked my brain for ideas.

The light switches next to the pantry had to be placed much further into the wall then I planned for because of some over zealous beam placement. That unfortunately made it necessary to switch the sizes of some of the cabinets, leaving me with a sixteen inch space between the pantry and the door.

I had initially thought I'd put my dog's bowls there, but it turned out placing them at the opposite end of the kitchen worked better. That's when I realized cutting a few inches off of one of the pieces of laminate would make great extra counter space.

I screwed a brace into the pantry and onto the wall. It seemed sturdy enough, but I was worried that my daughter would inherit my weird habit of sitting on counters, and added a Stilig bracket which I found in the IKEA as-is room for $3. Then I ironed on the end cap over the bracket so it wasn't so prominent looking.

Now my daughter's stool has a place to be while not in use and a counter to stick empty bottles on when I forget to leave my recycling bins by the side door.

Ignore all that crap on the opposite counter. I'll get the kitchen cleaned up one of these days.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Finally Bought a Couch!

I have been looking for a couch for the family room for quite some time now. Originally I wanted a sofabed, then realized that I didn't really want to encourage people to stay here for extended periods of time.

Everything I saw was, eh, but nothing really caught my eye until I found this on Craigslist for $40! I probably could've offered them a little less, but whatever.

It's a little smelly (what do you expect, it was in a place w/ two bachelors that had laundry piled up on it) but super comfy.

The only real problem (which I didn't notice until I brought it home) is that it's missing two small cushions that go next to the armrests. In the picture above you can see the mangled case for one of them. The picture below is how it looks with bottom cushions pushed all the way over. I think two 2" foam pieces covered in a simple linen colored...or perhaps red or orange...material will be an easy fix.

I am so loving this couch. The lesson: don't buy something just for the sake of buying something, wait until you find something you love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PSA: As-Is Couch Buying at IKEA Elizabeth

Ever go into the as-is room at the IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ and notice the couches and chairs look weird? Well, I figured out why. They are removing all of the covers and selling them separately!

I wouldn't have such a problem with this (although, really? that's just tacky) if they kept the covers together. Organized in some way that you can actually figure out which cases go with which couch.

Instead they label nothing and just throw everything into a bin. Maybe it's just me, but looking through covers in the bin, I find it impossible to figure out which cushion they go to. And for the half a day you'd spend trying to figure it out, is it even worth it?

Anyone from IKEA reading this? You're not knocking down the price all that much to begin with and to sell the covers separately, it's costing just a few dollars short of buying it new! Not the best marketing idea.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Amana's Jot Dry Erase Refrigerator

Amana's Jot Dry-Erase Refrigerator looks pretty neat.

I found this pic it over at Cookie Magazine's Nesting Blog. (Not a magazine I subscribe to since it's geared towards moms that are so worried about other people's opinions that they don't think twice about spending a couple of grand on a stroller instead of putting that money towards a their child's education or perhaps donating it to a worthwhile cause. I mean seriously, what's wrong with people? They're going to use it maybe two years, why would you throw money away like that?!) Anyway, I digress, but I first read it about it over at Kitchen Design Notes.

I like the concept, but most dry erase boards start getting that shadow effect...where you can't really erase the marker off of it anymore...after a while. I wonder how long this would work for, and what kind of warranty it had. I also wonder if you could just paint your fridge with dry erase paint and get the same effect.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chalkboard Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Found this over at cool!

You could probably keep it looking great if you didn't have kids. Otherwise I'm picturing a dusty, smoodgy this one from Cookie Magazine.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Backsplash Alternative - Display Your Favorite Artwork!

I felt a tile backsplash in addition to the built in one on the post form laminate countertop was unnecessary and would make the kitchen look too busy or something. But I'm also incapable of having empty spaces on my wall.

So I added some IKEA Spontan magnetic strips (I got them in silver on clearance for 25 cents). Stuck them up with push pins and voila!

Now I have an ever changing wall of my daughter's masterpieces. She loves seeing her pictures up just as much as I do. Much better than boring old tile.

My Almost Finished IKEA Adel Medium Brown Kitchen

If my hard drive hadn't crashed, I'd be able to put up a before and after shot. Oh well... I was going to tile the backsplash, but decided against it since the counters had a built in backsplash and I felt like the tile would have made everything too busy.

The pantry in between the oven and refrigerator has a swing out door, but it keeps hitting the oven. I'm going to convert it to a pull out soon. I also need to finish putting on the handles and attach the cover panel to the microwave cabinet. Unfortunately, the IKEA wall cabinet cover panels are significantly longer than the cabinet itself (so if you use an under cabinet light, it would be long enough to accommodate the coordinating moulding strip). Once I cut it to size, I'll put it up.

I sill wish there was a way to make the island a foot wider, but it's okay, I still love it. You know you set your kitchen up correctly when you can find everything you need immediately because it's all in the perfect spot. And for all the cooktop-in-the-island-naysayers...I love mine! My daughter stays on the side to help me cook. I can watch her (or the TV) while I'm cooking. And I cook everything high heat, and haven't had any splattering problems.

I wanted these very deep window sills so I could fit my herb pots. The carpenter built them so strong that I can actually stand my 30 pound child on top of it with no problem. Unfortunately, I didn't factor in the faucet but thankfully found the perfect one by Moen. High enough to fill deep pots, but low enough to fit under the window sill. I also was unable to use the Swanstone sink I had (anyone wanna buy a like new sink?) because it was a smidge too big, so I had to use my old Kohler cast iron one. Always have a plan B.

Laminate counters are very easy to seem together. (Can you believe these are stock Home Depot counters? Much glossier than the Lowes postform counters.) I used the ledger boards that came with the IKEA plinths (toe kicks) as build up strips and simply screwed the counters down with the IKEA screws that came with the cabinets. Have someone hold the counter down while you do it. For the seems, I screwed in one side, used the glue that came with the miter tie bolt package, had someone push the two pieces together and screwed them down. Nice tight seem, no big deal. I also went over the seem when everything was dry with a bead of clear caulk and and wiped it in to fill in any unlevel spots in the glue.

Obviously, there's still a bit more to do. It's just nice to finally have a fully functioning kitchen back!

I love having a dishwasher.

I'll write more about the Jenn Air island hood later, but holy crap that thing rocks!

I made pizza and scones and was able to roll out the dough directly on the island. I'm glad I changed my mind and went with the butcher block. And for anyone you doesn't believe in the durability of laminate, I've had nothing but laminate all my life and I've never had a problem...and believe me when I say I don't baby that stuff. And as a DIY, ridiculously cost effective.

When drilling the holes for the handles, you need to be in the mood to do it. If you're tired and sick of doing them, chances are you'll screw it up. It's better to deal with handless fronts than to try to patch up a bunch of mis-drilled holes later.

So what do you think? I didn't post a pic of the kitchen from the front because I didn't finish the back of the island yet. I have a'll just have to wait and see!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And Finally We Have Ripe Cantaloupe!

I feel like I've been waiting an eternity for these suckers. They just didn't seem to want to ripen. Wondering when to pick cantaloupes? Like most produce, you have to wait until you slightly tug and the just pop off on their own. I learned that the hard first cantaloupe pick of the year wound up in the compost bin because I picked it too soon.

Look at how beautifully golden orange they are. I saved way more of those seeds than I'll ever need.

I've been eating an entire cantaloupe at each sitting. They're so perfectly sweet and juicy. Mmmm. They were super easy to grow. I think I paid a dollar and change for three plants at Home Depot. They spread out like crazy...definitely going to use trellises next year.

Friday, August 29, 2008

FDA Approved Irradiated Lettuce and Spinach

See that symbol? Don't buy anything with that symbol!

Okay maybe some of you are okay with this, but I'm sorry, seriously? Does any government agency do anything remotely close to what the people of this country wants? With the whole green movement in full force, tell me who exactly has been petitioning to have our food zapped? I'm so sick of all of this. When are they going to stop cramming chemicals into our food?

I'm done. Check out this site.

Follow the links. Get your voice heard.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FINALLY the IKEA 2009 Kitchens Brochure

The catalog is great, but I was really looking forward to the IKEA 2009 Kitchens Brochure.

Also newly posted to the US site is the Labor Day Sale Flyer, IKEA 2009 Mattresses, IKEA 2009 TV Solutions, IKEA 2009 Sofas.


Saturday, August 30, 2008 - Monday, September 1, 2008

Lack Side Table $6.99 (limit two per customer)
Dudero Floor Lamp $6.99 (limit 1)
Poang Chair $59 (limit 1)

Buy an Ektorp sofa, loveseat or chair and get a FREE white slipcover

Free Breakfast Until 10:30am

For more details, check out

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need an Old Issue of an IKEA Catalog?

Do you have a piece of IKEA furniture that you can't identify? Or maybe you remember a picture you wanted to recreate in your own house, but can't find the IKEA catalog? Apparently you can go online and view them.

A lovely member over at Ikeafans just pointed out that if you go to Google Catalogs (who knew that existed?) you can get access to IKEA issues all the way back to 2000!

Although, I was only able to find issues 2000-2003. But maybe you just have to know better ways to search that than I do. Maybe I'll try again after I finish my coffee. Ahhh....caffeine...

On a side note, I have a catalogs from 1998, including the smaller Kitchen, Sofa, Office, etc., issues.  If you are looking to buy one, let me know.  I'm too lazy to list them on ebay.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IKEA Numerar Butcher Block Installation

I was on the fence about butcher block with Adel Medium Brown cabinets until I saw this pic. Beautiful right? (Not that you can tell since HGTV removed the link and I now can't find the darn pic anywhere!) I bought two pieces of IKEA Numerar Butcher Block. One was very warped and the other was pretty good. If you are driving from far away to buy this, make sure your piece is okay before you drive back home.

If you need to cut it, don't freak out. Not as difficult as people try to make it seem. The key is to use a strong circular saw (My little cordless number would never had done the trick. You want something with oomph.) And buy a new blade. I don't know that the number of teeth matter so much or whether it's a carbide, but make sure it's new and sharp. I even used the circular saw the cut out the hole for the cooktop...but we'll get back to that. And don't forget to save that piece...a little sanding around the edges and I now have two extra cutting boards.

The directions, as do most IKEA instructions, suck. The screws they give you do not fit these holes, they are for dowels or something. (BTW if you're installing a cooktop, you might have to install your tie down brackets for the cooktop before you screw down the counters. Check your cooktop install booklet.)

Pick a spot close to the edge and screw the screws in the middle of the oval space of the bracket. I read somewhere that if you screw close too snug up against one end or the other that the wood won't be able to move do to changing humidity levels and what not. I don't know how true that is, but better safe than sorry.
Once it's screwed in, it's time to seal it. A lot of what you choose depends on how you plan to use it. Ikeafans has a great article on finish options for butcher block. I opted against IKEA's Benhandla because it contains linseed oil which can instantaneously combust. Kinda scary, right?
When I bought the IKEA Numerar Beech countertop, I was concerned with how light it was. But a coupe of coats of mineral oil darkened it up. Make sure you rub it in extra good on any parts that were cut (that's what they mean when they say to reseal the cut edges...again, not rocket science, don't feel stupid if you were confused and thought they meant to rub silicone caulk on it or something, no one explains it anywhere.)
I didn't sand between coats, as some people do. I simply poured it on and wiped it all over in whatever direction I felt like with an old mateless sock. I did it when I was waiting on hold with my doctor. I did it while my coffee was brewing. While the dishes and laundry were get the idea. People act like it's a big deal, but it only takes a minute or two.
If you're installing it over a dishwasher, then you need a vapor barrier (aka moisture barrier). If you're doing a Pergo type floor and using it, cut a piece out of that. I used a heavy duty contractor garbage bag since it was thicker (6 ml's I think) as opposed to the floor barriers which were point something. I've heard of some people just draping it over their dishwasher, but I staple gunned it under my laminate counter (I only have butcher block on the island).
Now if you're doing a cooktop in the butcher block, you need a heat barrier. Either pick up some aluminum tape they use for ductwork. Or do what I did and bum some off of the HVAC guy.
Stick it around the edge of the counter where the cooktop is going (the back of it peels off, you don't need special adhesive). Use a block of wood, or something comprable, to rub along the tape to make sure it sticks well and is smoothish.
Anyway, sink or cooktop or neither, it's been easy to maintain so far and I'm not a neat freak my any means. Just use common sense. Don't stick a hot pot on it. It's okay to cut a sandwich in half, but don't dice some beets on it. If you spill wine, wipe it up! And regardless, like a wood floor (real wood, not the crap they're calling real wood now-a-days) you can always sand and re-oil if there's a problem.
I've never had a butcher block counter before, but I've had a butcher block cutting board forever. I scrub it down with soap and hot water after using it and re-oil every once in a blue moon. I can't fathom a counter is going to be much harder.
On a final note, my two cents...during my Numerar vs. Pronomen debate in my head, the thickness of the Numerar makes such a difference. Obviously costwise, it's a bit pricier, but I think long term, it'll hold up better. Some people say they chose Pronomen because it's easier to cut, but cutting the Numerar was as easy as cutting the post-form laminate.
UPDATE:  While I loved this counter, it wasn't big enough.  Click here to see how I ripped two IKEA Numerar Butcher Blocks lengthwise and joined them together to make one large counter.

UPDATE #2:  After I made it bigger, I added a dog feeding station via curb-side salvage material and crap from my basement.  Click here to see how it came out. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

Got Spots on Your Squash Leaves? Try This DIY Natural Fungicide!

I have done very little for my garden other than occasional weeding and watering when the ground was cracked and dry. Well, apparently I should have been doing a smidge more as my poor squash and cucumbers have developed a white, fuzzy spot problem...people, we have a fungus among us. (I also have a blossom end rot situation going on with my tomatoes, but I haven't done anything for them just yet.)

So I called my mom, the only person I know that can eat any fruit or vegetable, stick it's seed or pit in the ground and have it magically grow.

My Mom's All Natural Fungicide

2 TBS baking soda
1 TBS oil (she uses vegetable oil)
1 tsp liquid dish soap (later restated it as a squirt or two)
32 Ounces of water

Mix together, then spray all the tops and undersides of the infected leaves.
(I did it early evening, I remember reading somewhere that baking soda can burn leaves if put on leaves during the day, but my Mom didn't know about that either way.)
She also said to cut off all the yellow and dying leaves and the ones touching the ground. And to bag those leaves and throw them away.  Do not compost them.  Make sure you wash whatever you used to cut the limbs off. She said some other things, but now I don't remember.

Here's a tip from me: wear gardening gloves and long sleeves, and whatever you do, don't try to break off the leaves with your unprotected hand. Holy crap! I have little splinter things all over my hands. One hurts so bad, it's killing me to type. Yeeowza.

The not so horribly infected leaves looked almost immediately better. But the others were just eh. I figure I'll spray it on for the next couple of days and see how it goes.

Next year, definitely mulching to stop all the weeds and trellises to keep the leaves off the ground. Perhaps even a spritz of this every week or so.

My poor plants : (

UPDATE: So it's the morning after, and it appears that all the fungus, not counting a handful of leaves I missed, is completely gone! Except for underneath the leaves, which I did a crappy job of spraying, so there were still some spotting, but I sprayed them tonight.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PSA: Problems with the New 2009 IKEA Rationell Lazy Susan

I think for a long time people wondered why IKEA only offered a wire shelf lazy susan for the corner base cabinet. Well, they have finally listened to all us IKEA crazy people and introduced a new version of the lazy susan.

I thankfully hadn't installed my lazy susan yet because my daughter loved to hang out in that cabinet. When I saw a preview of the new catalog, I noticed the new lazy susan. So I brought mine back and got the new one.

  • Easy to assemble. Use the template they provide to screw in the bottom and top piece. I had to use build-up strip for the top piece to be straight and level (see pic below).
  • Then you load in the wire pieces and the two shelves.
  • Install the two part pole in the middle.
  • Slide the top part of the pole up so it fits into that top piece and screw them in place.
  • Then stick the metal pins under the two shelves to set them at whatever level you want them at.
  • Finally, stick in the clips (be gentle, I broke the first one and they don't give you extras) and click in the wire.

After it was all said and done, I don't see why I couldn't have put the clips and wire in before placing the shelves inside. But it didn't make a huge difference either way.

But, wait! Houston, we have a problem. The hinge for the corner cabinet door crashes into the corner of the bottom shelf. Argh!

How did they not notice this happening? It took me so long to adjust that hinge for the door to be perfectly level and flush, I'm not going to move it.

If there's a solution to this problem, I haven't figured it out yet. It's always something isn't it? Well, I still like it better than the wire shelf version. They spin nicely and seem super sturdy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Garden - August 6

The garden was full of surprised today!

The little yellow tomatoes are still growing. They're a little thick skinned but so sweet.

The patio tomatoes are slowly turning red and are incredibly delicious.

One stalk fell over and I'm not sure if the corn growing on it is actually still growing, but the rest are getting bigger and bigger everyday.

Summer squash everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Where did that ginormous cucumber come from? I didn't even know I had a cucumber plant in that bed. It's at least 12" long...probably bigger. How didn't I see that growing?

The beets are getting very big. I really need to cook them soon. Are they suppose to push their way out of the ground?

I call this the Valley of the Damned Carrots...poor things. They're also pushing their way out of the ground, but they're all gnarly and twisted and not even close to looking like a carrot. They taste fine, and I have to say I even like the greens.

This big beef tomato plant is so big I can't even explain. There are so many tomatoes growing it's crazy...but none of them will turn red!

I'm having the same problem with the Roma tomatoes.

This is part of the expired seeds I threw in last minute. I have no clue if it's a zucchini, an acorn squash or a spaghetti squash.

I'm not sure about this one either.

I am amazed at the strength of this pepper plant. It's all by itself, covered completely by tomato plants and cantaloupe vines. But here it thrives, growing big, extra shiny bell peppers.

Have I have a cantaloupe! I real live cantaloupe! I didn't even know this one was there!

And there are more! I'd have to say there are at least five or six others. And I bet there will be more. I'm so excited!

As if the cantaloupe and the monster cucumber weren't enough, the strawberry plant is back in action! There are three sad, shriveled up little ones and two nice juicy looking ones. Craziness.

Kitchen Update

I've been filling your heads with gardening and IKEA news, and nothing about my kitchen. Yeeesh.

I have no pics, because it's such a mess in there, but

  1. I hooked up the oven
  2. The plumber hooked up the sink
  3. I hooked up the dishwasher
  4. I've washed and put away almost every dish I own
  5. I installed the laminate counters
  6. I have a couple of handles to go, otherwise the cabs are all done
  7. The electrician hooked up some outlets and lights

I still need to

  1. Get the HVAC guy to install in the island hood
  2. I need to hook up the stove
  3. I need to install the island counters (which possibly means three more cabs)
  4. I need to tile the backsplash to hide the gaps
  5. I need to put on a couple of cover panels and handles
  6. The electrician needs to finish up
  7. The roof needs to be done

I promise, pics soon. The island and cooktop will hopefully be done as of Saturday.

Keeps your fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

IKEA August 2008 Calendar of Events

Did you know that some of the IKEA's post Event Calendars each month on their site? They list sales and specials. You even save an additional 10% on "This week's special..." items.

The Elizabeth, NJ IKEA is having live bands this month and a ton of children's events on the weekends. Too bad I won't go there on the weekends...way too crowded for me. Although, there will be a massage therapist there August 9, 2008 so I may have to reconsider...

IKEA Special Events Calendar - Elizabeth, NJ

Friday, August 1, 2008

IKEA 2009 Catalog

Well, the IKEA in Elizabeth said they probably won't have the catalogs in until next week, but they finally have it up on their site.


IKEA 2009 Catalog (English and Spanish)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Raised Bar or Flat Island?

I am an idiot. I should've made the island 6 feet long so I could've bought the pre-fab butcher block that IKEA stocks that's 6'x3'. But I didn't. Did I mention I'm an idiot? So now if I want to make that happen, I'm going to have to take two pieces of 8 foot butcher block, rip it down the middle and attach them, then cut a foot and a half off the bottom. My carpenter is so not liking me right now.

Right now I have 38" behind me if I'm standing at the stove and to the left of me. To the right and in front I have 50". If I do this, I'm worried that three feet isn't really enough clearance to go from the right side of the island where the entrance from the dining room is, to the front of the island where the family room is.

So then I thought, I could always round out that corner on the top right side. This is sounding like way too much work.

Then I thought I could leave the bar overhang at the side instead of the front of the island by using a standard butcher block counter piece of 8'x2' (of course I'd chop the end down a bit). But then I'm back to blocking up the main walkway again.

So then I thought, well, I could cut the counter so it's 6'6"x2' and then use those short legs (aka IKEA Capita Brackets, only found at the store and not online) and a 48"x15" piece of butcher block for a raised island as per the pic.

The positives of the raised bar is that is that it won't block the walkway, it will keep the seating area in front of the family room and being raised should protect people from any cooking splatter. But I've been reading some reviews from people that said if they could do it again they'd never do the raised bar.


I'm so confused. Why didn't I make this stupid thing 6' long!
UPDATE: I didn't make the island bigger, nor did I add a raised bar. As my friend pointed out, how much countertop do I need? I have like 40+ square feet of counter all around me!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2009 IKEA Catalog Preview Brochure

Check it out! I know the catalog will be out soon enough, but here's a 64 page preview!

My daughter likes to hang out in the corner cabinet with her toys and Little Tikes workbench, so I haven't installed the lazy susan yet. Then I started hearing rumors about a solid bottom lazy susan as opposed to the wire grid one they currently offer. Will they? Won't they? Should I wait? I can't install the counters until I install the lazy susan, so I was very unsure of what to do.

Then I looked through the pages of this online brochure, and voila! On page 35, a solid bottom lazy susan! Woo hoo!

See, every does really happen when it's suppose to and how it's suppose to. Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Garden - July 17

Let's start with the bad news...with the construction going on, I neglected my watering duties for a few days and now all the herbs are dead. Why can't I get these things to stay alive?!?! My mother says they never grow right unless you grow them in the ground. And considering the green thumb she has...if she can't get them to stay alive, I guess there was very little hope for me.

My strawberry plant was growing strawberries left and right. Now nothing. Plus all the leaves are turning red...what does that mean? There are two more showing up now...but growing so slow that I don't know if they'll make it.
I ate my first yellow bell tomato the other day. How amazing are these little guys! It had the texture of a plum, but not as sweet. Good plain, better with a smidge of kosher salt.

Finally! One of our patio tomatoes are turning red. Well, technically it's orange, but it's getting there.
Our bush cucumber plants are still very small, but they are flowering like crazy.

As I took the picture above, I noticed that hidden under the leaves and flowers were two cucumbers! Who knew?

My pea plant is officially dead and dried up. I have to say the plants I bought from a very well known farm in Freehold (actually it was just the peas and the bush cucumbers) are not doing even half as well as the ones from Home Depot and Lowes. I wonder if it's because they were both container planted...I think next year I'll stick to the big box stores.

Hey, look, corn!

I'm a city girl, so don't laugh, but what the heck is this stuff growing at the top? I thought that was going to turn into corn...apparently not. Is it okay to let the birds eat it, or should I leave the netting on?

Holy cantaloupe Batman! These six little plants that cost maybe $2 at Home Depot are growing to the point that I think they're going to take over my whole yard!

We've got lots and lots of yellow summer squash growing.

Squash flowers are so pretty!

Our pepper plant is finally flowering!
and more tomatoes.

I have so much lettuce it's crazy. They say to plant them two weeks apart so you have a steady supply, but I've been picking outside leaves only and we've been fine.

Mmmmm....beets. Notice how they're pushing out of the ground? I think because I only have two inches or so of garden soil and hard, clay soil underneath, they're pushing up out of the ground. Or course, I've never grown beets before so maybe this is just what they do.

See? The carrots are doing it too.

I'm so happy I decided to grab up that clearance blue berry bush!

More pretty blue berry pictures.
Summer, acorn and spaghetti squash.

Lettuce, carrots, beets.

Tomatoes, pepper, cantaloupe.

Transplanted summer squash (doing much better now), corn and lettuce.