Sunday, July 27, 2008

Raised Bar or Flat Island?

I am an idiot. I should've made the island 6 feet long so I could've bought the pre-fab butcher block that IKEA stocks that's 6'x3'. But I didn't. Did I mention I'm an idiot? So now if I want to make that happen, I'm going to have to take two pieces of 8 foot butcher block, rip it down the middle and attach them, then cut a foot and a half off the bottom. My carpenter is so not liking me right now.

Right now I have 38" behind me if I'm standing at the stove and to the left of me. To the right and in front I have 50". If I do this, I'm worried that three feet isn't really enough clearance to go from the right side of the island where the entrance from the dining room is, to the front of the island where the family room is.

So then I thought, I could always round out that corner on the top right side. This is sounding like way too much work.

Then I thought I could leave the bar overhang at the side instead of the front of the island by using a standard butcher block counter piece of 8'x2' (of course I'd chop the end down a bit). But then I'm back to blocking up the main walkway again.

So then I thought, well, I could cut the counter so it's 6'6"x2' and then use those short legs (aka IKEA Capita Brackets, only found at the store and not online) and a 48"x15" piece of butcher block for a raised island as per the pic.

The positives of the raised bar is that is that it won't block the walkway, it will keep the seating area in front of the family room and being raised should protect people from any cooking splatter. But I've been reading some reviews from people that said if they could do it again they'd never do the raised bar.


I'm so confused. Why didn't I make this stupid thing 6' long!
UPDATE: I didn't make the island bigger, nor did I add a raised bar. As my friend pointed out, how much countertop do I need? I have like 40+ square feet of counter all around me!

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