Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Tour - August 8, 2012

Sorry, I've been missing.  The garden is keeping me very busy.
You know what the best part of having an herb garden?
Is thinking, "Oh, I need some basil!"  Then I go out front and voila!
I thought the coriander/cilantro could get bigger, but it didn't.
But that's okay, now I have beautiful green coriander seeds.


Lots of basil.  Most went to seed before I got around to making pesto.
But I'm guessing it's still doable.



Between the mint and basil flowers, I am definitely helping the bees out.
They are everywhere!

The Peanut's sunflowers are finally about to have actual flowers.

She'll be so excited when she gets home!

Don't know where these nasturtiums came from but they are pretty.

OMG have I picked lots of tomatoes.  I've given some away.
Eaten a ton of tomato salad.  And now I'm canning them and making sauce.
Romas, Big Rainbow, Box Car Willie, Prudence Purples...I'm not even sure anymore...

And the cucumbers...wowza.
I'm made many jars of pickles.

Carrots.  A groundhog ate the tops off, but they're back now.

The potatoes were doing so well, we had to add a level.
We might actually need a third level to the box.

Summer's kinda bumpy...Idk....

Apparently, I have a cabbage worm problem.
I need to make a pepper spray and see if it helps.
This is the biggest I've ever gotten a cauliflower seedling to grow.

Oh the tomatoes....

They're so big and so heavy the tomato cages can't hold them up.
Most have fallen over and I feel like I'm in a losing battle trying to keep them standing.

Look at how crazy they are!
Apparently, they don't mind laying on the ground,
because I'm still getting tons of tomatoes.

Here's the pepper plant with Matilda the Hen standing by.

Eggplant!  This is the first year I got an eggplant to grow.
So super excited!
I had problems with the cantaloupe seedlings.
Only three survived and they didn't look like they were really going to grow.
Then suddenly the took off and are taking over the whole trellis,
plus the trellis the cucumbers are on!

Honestly, I'm getting a little sick of cucumbers...
I planted ten seedlings this year because they don't normally do well.
Obviously that's not a problem anymore.
I'm going to plant maybe three next year...

The left trellis is the three cantaloupe plants.
Because it seemingly happened over night, they managed to wind up
spreading out a lot under trellis too.  Oh well....

Still lots of pickling cucumbers.  They go from perfect to overripe in a minute!

Hot peppers.


It's not too weedy, but it's a mess.
But I'm grateful for it, as I've heard many around me are not having successful
gardening seasons this year.

Another nice thing this year are all the very colorful birds and butterflies.
I've never had so many in the garden.
And even though the bell pepper plant didn't produce a single pepper,
it was nice to see the hoard of bees swarming around it.
Happy gardening, Everyone! xo