Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Tour - May 6, 2012

I took some new pics today and couldn't believe what a difference there's been since the 6th!
Then I realized I never posted these pics...duh...
Here's a tiny section of my forest of mint.

This is either zucchini or summer squash...

Bush peas.  That's a stone from the old fish tank.
This way I can identify weeds from actual plants.
Maybe not a problem for other people,
but always a problem for me.



I used to have the trellis on the asparagus box, but that didn't work out.
Who knew asparagus gets so freaking tall?!
So the Hubby built me these boxes out of 51 cent a piece scrap wood at Depot,
and then attached the trellises to them.
When they grow in, I'm hoping for a little privacy from our new neighbors when we sit on the deck.


I was killing me to wait (for the first time) to plant the seedlings on Mother's Day weekend.


And the asparagus.

This is the second year for the asparagus.
Maybe next year we'll get to finally eat some!
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Never Buy Lettuce Again! Just Regrow it!

About two weeks ago I learned how to grow new celery
from old celery over at 17 Apart.
I think I found it on Pinterest, but who knows anymore...
anyway, I don't really eat celery.
But after reading it, I was making salad and thought
why wouldn't that work with Romaine lettuce.
So I stuck the base of it in water and, of course, forgot about it.
When I remembered...a little over a week later,
I was shocked to see lettuce!

Super cool!  So I stuck it in the garden today.

I also started two more in case this one doesn't survive.
I'll keep you posted on how well this works.
But if it cool to never have to buy lettuce again!

UPDATE:  So far, of the three I planted, one died, one looks scraggly at best and the other I accidently ripped out of the garden while weeding.  Perhaps I will have to continue to buy lettuce.  I'm so dissappointed.  I have to say, there were all doing fine prior to going in the ground...maybe I should just leave them in water...hmmmm...I'll keep you posted.