Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Garden Pics

We are overrun with cherry tomatoes.  The Peanut is the official picker and I have to say she does a great job...but won't eat any of them.

I have no clue what kind of tomatoes these are.  It's a mystery plant year.
Summer squash...mmm...I've been putting it in everything.

Layers and layers of cherry tomatoes.
This cantaloupe won't ripen.  It's making me crazy.

The acorn squash plant is getting big, there are always bees buzzing around it, yet we only have two squash.  What's up with that?

The spaghetti squash plant continues to take over, but the squash bugs are taking their toll.  The Boyfriend is putting in quite the valiant effort at eradicating the garden of them.  Stupid bugs.

No clue what these tomatoes are either.

Lots of bell peppers popping up. 

Fresh beans are so nice.  Def using trellises next year.

I love zucchini.

The plants up at the community garden are not doing well.  The pumpkins are okay, everything else, not so much.  I took the best four that weren't overrun with squash bugs home.  The Boyfriend built me another planter box and set up this trellis.  So far two out of the four look like they might make it.