Friday, September 22, 2017

Are the Veggie Burgers at Bobby's Burger Palace Vegan?

The short answer is a resounding no.

I emailed Bobby's Burger Palace's customer service about their vegan options, as they provide no nutritional information online, and this was their response:

Picture from their twitter https

"Hello Naomi. My name is Jim and i am one of  the area managers for Bobby's burger palace.

1st as of right now we do not have any specific nutritional information regarding our products. The info I do have for you is that our fries and all of our sides are fried in canola oil. The salt we use is kosher salt and contains no dairy but the sauce that is served on the side does. The onion rings contain buttermilk.  Our veggie burger contains our BBQ sauce as 1 of the ingredients which contains honey, It is also basted with egg and dredged in quinoa flour before cooking. You can always ask for that part of the procedure to be skipped but the honey cannot be omitted. 

Other vegan options include our Chopped Crunch Salad, Super Kale Salad and our Palace Quinoa Salad but all do contain some sort of cheese. The dressings that we offer also contain either honey or pomegranate Molasses. Hope this was helpful. Thanks." 

I appreciate the detailed response, so thank you, Jim, that was more information than I expected.  I really do appreciate that they took the time to give me a complete answer.

I am disappointed that their only vegan option are french fries.  Maybe I should have messaged back to say if the salads have cheese, then they're not vegan. I feel like all these Food Network chefs are in cahoots with Big Pharm, working hard to keep us all sick.  Here...let me show you how to make unhealthy food!  Let me feed you unhealthy food at our restaurants!  Everything's better with butter and bacon!  Oh, now you're diabetic and have high cholesterol?  Go talk to our friends at Big Pharm!  I wonder if they get kickbacks...  All alleged and all my opinions, don't sue me.  Do we still have first amendment rights?  Yeesh.

Yay, no dairy in the salt like certain movie theatres.  And yay, they don't fry their french fries in beef fat or anything weird.  But all their salads have cheese?  Why is there honey in everything?  How don't people know that honey doesn't have the health benefits it used to?  And most importantly what is the point of a veggie burger that isn't vegan, and if you include the entire process, isn't even vegetarian?  (Yes, I know there are sub-groups of vegetarians that eat eggs, but sorry, that's not actually vegetarian.  But feel free to identify as whatever and call yourself whatever.  I'm not trying to argue about it, I'm just happy you're not eating meat.)

I also take issue with restaurants that don't make this type of information readily available on their website.  If you're proud of your menu, then be transparent...  It should be required that all menus make notations for eggs, dairy, and gluten at the very least.

Anyway, I'll continue to steer clear of this place.  I hear TGIFridays may start carrying Beyond Burgers.  Or I'll just buy them and make a burger at home.  Making a good burger isn't rocket science, and definitely doesn't need to include eggs or honey.


  1. Sad to see the limited Vegan food options at the burger place, I suggest you email them again asking to extend their vegan menu so more people could enjoy their food. Hoping to see more from you soon.

  2. I am so disappointed to learn this! I actually ate at my local BBP 3 times because I was told the burger was vegan by an employee. I just emailed the company.

    1. Wow! I'd be pissed. I wish restaurants would just be transparent. They really should have to list everything, between religious beliefs, allergies and specific diets, it would just make it easier on everyone. A vegan's go-to is often fries in non-vegan restaurants, and it turns out lot of places are frying them in beef fat. Just tell me the truth! So frustrating.

  3. Thanks for this information! Their answer was very detailed, which I appreciate. My boss just asked me if I wanted anything from here, and I was wondering about the veggie burger. I often forget to ask whether or not it's dredged in egg to bind everything together. I'm a bit disappointed, but not shocked. I went with the chopped crunch salad instead and ordered it without the cheese.


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