Saturday, July 5, 2008

Complaints Rants Why I Hate: Home Depot

Here is a sampling of problems I have had dealing with Home Depot. I would also like to add that the store manager at the Old Bridge location has never once returned my calls, and any time you ask for him he's not in. And I initially wrote a letter to their main office to complain and never received any kind of response.

  1. I ordered windows at the Pro-Desk so the guy I've been working with would get credit. Well, three weeks later when they were suppose to arrive, it turns out they were never even ordered! Pushed my whole job back weeks.
  2. I had to special order my tile at the Milltown location and the price seemed awfully low and in the interest of being honest, I told the salesperson that. She assured me it was correct and would be here in two weeks. Two days later she calls to say that they charged me the wrong price and that I had to pay more or she wouldn't be able to place the order. (Why did they wait two days to place my order...?) So I paid it, but they did credit me that money when I picked up my order and said that it was illegal. Although I didn't care of the fact that the manager didn't even acknowledge I was standing there let alone apologize.
  3. When I bought my sliding door at the Pro-Desk in Old Bridge, they said they had to special order the screen door. I kept asking every time I went in for the next few weeks and all I'd get is, "Oh yeah, I'm going to look into that today." When I went to the Milltown one, the guy was like, "Special order? There's a bunch of them over by the sliding doors. We always have them in stock..." Yeesh.
  4. Don't get me started on how nothing's where it's suppose to be and you have to search for prices. And when the computer says something's in stock doesn't mean anyone in the store is going to be able to find it.
  5. For some reason the Old Bridge store always has half their ailes blocked off. I can't tell you how many times I walked out of there without buying anything because I couldn't get down the aisles. And the more annoying part is that no one's ever doing anything in the closed off aisles!
  6. It takes quite some time of shifting through sheets of plywood before you can find one that isn't wet, cracked or warped.
  7. I had to rent a 18" tile saw and they rented me a 12" and said it was for 18" tiles, and gave me one with a worn out blade. And what's worse when I called the Woodbridge location to complain, they got very nasty with me and it turns out they had a brand new tile saw that they could've given me!
  8. One last Old Bridge complaint, because of the window fiasco pushing back my order, it took a few months for me to pick up the rest of my order, which I was told wasn't a problem. When I went in, they said my order was already marked as picked up. What? Since the Pro-Desk is closed on the weekends and no one could do anything about it, I had to rebuy more than half the list because the needed it that weekend. Turns out the person they hired to handle orders has a tendency to mark items waiting for pick up as picked up instead of calling the customer to find out if there was a problem. "Tendency to" meaning does it all the time and customer service has consistantly had to fix her errors. Why is she still working there?

On a more positive note, I will say that they seem to be drastically cutting back on staff so the people there seem pretty over worked and stressed by having to cover several departments at once. Also, while the management is rude and unprofessional, the employees themselves are usually very nice and friendly. I don't think I've ever encountered an ill mannered at IKEA, that's a whole other story....

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  1. Dave has gotten so tired of the Idiot Brigade at H.D.'s various locations, we go to Lowes now..not to say they will not prove to also hire idiots, they just haven't screwed us over too much... yet.


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