Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kitchen Update

I've been filling your heads with gardening and IKEA news, and nothing about my kitchen. Yeeesh.

I have no pics, because it's such a mess in there, but

  1. I hooked up the oven
  2. The plumber hooked up the sink
  3. I hooked up the dishwasher
  4. I've washed and put away almost every dish I own
  5. I installed the laminate counters
  6. I have a couple of handles to go, otherwise the cabs are all done
  7. The electrician hooked up some outlets and lights

I still need to

  1. Get the HVAC guy to install in the island hood
  2. I need to hook up the stove
  3. I need to install the island counters (which possibly means three more cabs)
  4. I need to tile the backsplash to hide the gaps
  5. I need to put on a couple of cover panels and handles
  6. The electrician needs to finish up
  7. The roof needs to be done

I promise, pics soon. The island and cooktop will hopefully be done as of Saturday.

Keeps your fingers crossed!

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