Thursday, October 23, 2008

PSA: As-Is Couch Buying at IKEA Elizabeth

Ever go into the as-is room at the IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ and notice the couches and chairs look weird? Well, I figured out why. They are removing all of the covers and selling them separately!

I wouldn't have such a problem with this (although, really? that's just tacky) if they kept the covers together. Organized in some way that you can actually figure out which cases go with which couch.

Instead they label nothing and just throw everything into a bin. Maybe it's just me, but looking through covers in the bin, I find it impossible to figure out which cushion they go to. And for the half a day you'd spend trying to figure it out, is it even worth it?

Anyone from IKEA reading this? You're not knocking down the price all that much to begin with and to sell the covers separately, it's costing just a few dollars short of buying it new! Not the best marketing idea.

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