Monday, January 13, 2014

January Cure: Assignment #7 Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, and Make a Meal

My little Peanut is still sick.  We went to the doctor, who laughed and said two years ago she literally went through the same exact thing.  How nice to have a doctor that actually remembers who we are and takes the thirty seconds to read her chart.  I wish I could find a doctor like that.  All the ones I meet are incompetent idiots.  Anywho...

Assignment 7 was Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning and Make a Meal.  Well, my lovely Hubby picked up a bunch for our poor, sick little girl.

Plus an extra bunch for me. 
I didn't clean the way they wanted me to, but I did reorganize some drawers and cabinets.  I relocated some small appliances.  Not perfect, but while only doing it in ten minute increments because my baby needed me to snuggle her, I'd say not too bad.
The make a meal portion of the assignment...yeah, I do that everyday.  Sorry I didn't take pictures of dinner.  That seemed weird.

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