Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Cure: Assignment #4 Set Up an Outbox

Yesterday's Apartment Therapy's January Cure step involves setting up a space where things can go when they're in limbo.  Do I donate it?  Does it have a place in this house?  Should I just throw it out?  Don't decide right away.  Let it sit for a week and decide.  If you need another week to figure it out, that's okay too.

This seems like a great in theory.  See this picture?  It's my kitchen island.  It's also know as my Hubby's Outbox.

If I had the time or inclination to take more pictures, I could show you the other 5000 Outboxes that apparently exist my house.  I guess five years isn't enough time to figure out where things go.  My Hubby's solution is to pile things randomly, or cram everything into my office.  Often I come home and my desk is covered.  Who knew a filing cabinet was so difficult to put papers into?  Maybe there's a magical lock it that only myself and the magical fairies that clean up after him are able to open....
Since my Hubby has successfully deemed the entire house and every available countertop, the tops of all dressers and desks, and sometimes the floor of my office as his Outbox, this seemed like an unnecessary assignment.
Instead, this morning at the crack of dawn, after said Hubby broke a glass and woke me up, I set up a box for donations and a box of toys to go to my friend.  I also used that time to remember fondly the days of being single and not having a clean up after other people...just saying.

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