Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are You Doing the January Cure?

Apartment Therapy does this whole house cleaning organizing purge thing called the January Cure.  Last year, I thought, "Oh, I should've done this."  But I never want to jump in at the last minute.  This year, I decided, let's just do it.  I roped the Hubby in, he didn't seem to care either way.

The first step was to make a project list.  You're not suppose to do anything but make a list, easy enough.  I didn't follow the directions and walk around to make my list.  Instead, I sat on the couch with a glass of wine while my sweet Hubby rubbed my feet and we talked about the things that needed to get done.

For example, the kitchen panties were in disarray and needed to be organized.  There were a million toys to sort through and donate.  The molding that Big Head Pete chewed up needed to be replaced.  The window sills needed to be wiped down, and the terrariums could use some maintenance.  It was a semi-long but pretty concise list.  A lot of people are posting theirs, but I won't bore you with mine.

Then, this weekend, the next assignment was Flowers & Floors, which meant I had to buy flowers (which I didn't do because we were snowed in), vacuum and mop all the floors (we only did the dining room, living room and kitchen, there was honestly too much crap in the other rooms to do those floors, maybe tomorrow...) and to gather earth friendly cleaners (since I make my own, they're all earth friendly, so that's not an issue).  You were also supposed to do three "chores" from your list.

The problem was, as we did a few things, I realized there were so many other smaller things that should've been on that list.  Do you add them?  Eh.  I'm not going to get too anal retentive or bent out of shape about how I do the January Cure.  But I have to say, it was nice to get a few projects done.

I don't think I'll be live blogging or whatever, but I'll keep you posted.  And if you're hopping on the January Cure bandwagon, good luck!

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