Monday, January 13, 2014

January Cure: Assignment #5 Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List

Step 5: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your I cheated a bit.  I did a few things on my list, but none that made a noticeable difference, as we were instructed.  In lieu of taking pics of my nicely organized drawers, I decided to post pics of a not so project I did recently.
As usual, I have no before pictures.  This table was so beat up.  Plain, light colored wood...scratched up and sad looking.  I was planning of replacing it with the Hubby's grandmother's sewing table.  Then one day, as I embarked on the floor buffing project (ya know, the one I forgot to blog about), I had to move this table.  As it sat out of the way in the kitchen, I got it in my head to paint it.
 I had a free sample paint from Lowes (I actually have enough free sample paints to paint an entire room, but that a story for another time).  It's not as dramatic without a before picture...but believe me, a huge improvement.

For those that are curious, yes, those are vintage, insulated milk delivery boxes.

These metal boxes are for organizing slides.   The Peanut uses them for her rock collection.

This is a hand painted, 1950's bread box that we use to hide all mail and store circulars
from our paper shredding dog.

We picked up this piece of art from an estate sale.  It looks like it's painted on the back of a piece of paneling.  There's also a spring scene. 

 Perhaps, this project shouldn't count, but I have a sick kids at home, so this is as good as it gets....

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