Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Curry Leaf Tree Made a Comeback!

My weirdo dog has an anxiety disorder.  Long story.
Anyway, at age 12-ish, he started chewing things up while we're at work.
(Mind you, he's only home along for a very short period of time, whatever.)
A victim of this annoying new habit was the curry leaf plant
my mom grew me from a branch of her own 20+ year old curry leaf tree.
I thought it was dead.  I was absolutely beside myself.
But my wonderfully sweet husband took it upon himself
to place every broken branch in a pot with dirt and even braced some
branches together with popsicle sticks and twist ties.
Even though I appreciated the effort he made,
I honestly didn't have much hope.
And guess what? 
Last week, I saw a few leaves appear and unfurl.
Then more and more leaves everyday.
And now I have a mini tree!

Thank you my love, you rock!

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