Friday, April 19, 2013

And the Gardening Season Begins...

The Hubby worked very hard to turn over the garden and mix in some new garden soil and compost.  Looks good right?  The boxes on the right are the ones we used for the potatoes last year.  The Peanut has finally decided she wants her own space to garden so she planted strawberry popcorn and snap peas.  Soon we'll transplant strawberry plants from its old box that it's doing badly in to her box.

For those of you new to this blog, those huge structures in the front are the cantaloupe and cucumber trellises the Hubby made me.  They grow over the top and everything hangs down.  Makes for easier access to the flowers for the bees and easier to harvest for me.

I had a bunch of peas I didn't pick in time last year.  They were hard and dried out so
I saved them and planted them this year.  I wasn't sure how well they'd do,
but as you can see, they are happily growing.

As usual, the mint has made a comeback with no effort on my part...
as did the chives that I forgot to take a picture of.

This was an onion from my onion box that grew so big I felt like it deserved to be put into the ground.  I don't know what will happen but I figured it couldn't hurt.  It seemed to so desperately want to grow.  I recently read it won't really do anything, but I don't care.  Live and let live.

The strawberries have also made a comeback, but they never do so well.  Lots of plants, no berries.  Maybe this year will be different.  Especially since they're going to move to the Peanut's garden boxes with full sun. I'm sure the gotu kola will come back and take over this box soon enough.

I was really surprised that the parsley survived the winter and
is spreading out and growing all on its own.

The thyme I expected to come back and as you can see, it did.

I was also surprised by the oregano coming back on its own.
I guess I didn't need to buy so many new herb seeds.

I thought the basil would come back on its own too, but so far no luck.  The weather has been hit or miss.  It's definitely on it's way to beautiful, hot summer days.  I'm itching to plant stuff in the garden.  I know as unpredictable as the weather has been these past few years, that I need to hold off or I'll risk losing all my seedlings.  The waiting is making me crazy.

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