Saturday, March 8, 2008

Which Island Cabinets?

Here's my conundrum. When I initially planned the island, I stood in front of my stove top to figure out what I use and how I use it so I could figure out the best and most efficient cabinets to use.

I knew I needed 18" in the right since the NKBA says so and for whatever reason, I'm trying to follow their guidelines. That worked fine, since I was going to put all my cooking utensils on that side. The drawers under the stove top would be for my pots and pans. The 15" pull-out to the left would be for oils and spices (I have a lot!). And the far left would be for wire baskets for the onions and potatoes.

Now before anyone yells at me, I have onions and potatoes currently stored in wire baskets, so I'm used to the shedding mess of onions. I'd rather it be in the cabinet than on my windowsill anyway. And I also know there's something about gases making them go bad faster if stored together. But I've done it my whole life with no problem, so whatever.

But as I started searching through the posts on IKEAfans, I noticed a lot of people recommended the drawers in lieu of the pullouts since they are virtually the same thing with just one door in stead of three (or four). So I thought maybe I should go with one 30" drawer cabinet instead of the two 15" cabinets. I think the price is comparable, but is this more efficient? Do you think I'll have issues storing oils and vinegars of different heights?

In a pull-out, I'm guessing I'd have the ability to adjust the heights of the drawers to my needs. But this way, I'm kinda stuck.

In any case, the spices would be in the two top drawers, the oils, vinegars and bulk spices in the bottom two and I could put a basket in separate drawers with the onion and potatoes so they're kept apart.

I think I'm going to have to go to IKEA and stand in front of the cabinets in order to decide. Why is none of this easy?

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