Saturday, March 8, 2008

Flanges Anyone?

So a new header went in over the slider, since it has virtually no support above it before. Notice how there's no longer a 2+ inch gap above the door. As the new guy was cleaning up, he discovered...

Flanges! Yeah, so apparently the old guys didn't frame out the door properly, so when they put it in, the flanges came out...or maybe they never attempted to put them in in the first place. They didn't realize those picture windows should've had flanges, so it's safe to assume they didn't know the door needed it either. Now the door's going to have to come out, great.

The utility closet is gutted and ready to be finished.

The attic ladder is now in.

Unfortunately, the standard size is way too long for my house, so the new guy cut a big chunk of the end off. He didn't install the new feet, since I'm still not sure about the flooring and whether he's going to have to shave off anymore.

My barely-insulated attic is now insulated over the new ceiling.

More boxes to go through. I can't wait to see what else I find!

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