Sunday, March 2, 2008

Need Siding? Check out Arzee

If you live in Jersey, here's a quick tip. Down Edgeboro Road in East Brunswick, amidst all the warehouses is Arzee Supply, a wholesale siding place that used to only deal with stores and contractors and whatnot. They're now open to the public and carry all sorts of stuff you'd need from siding to windows to roofing. And delivery is crazy cheap and they'll even lift your roofing stuff up to the roof to make it easier on your roofing guys. (Who knew that's even possible.)

Although, I have to say their window prices were high, especially since the window manufacter is someone I've never even heard of. And the only difference they could tell me about between their on Home Depot's was that their windows are foam filled and welded. But HD's are welded (I don't know about the foam) so...why twice the price?

Anyway, here's the brochure sample thing they gave me. I'm pretty positive I'm going with the Heritage Cream. The pic came out weird so the color looks equally weird. I'll take better pics when I pick up the siding.

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