Thursday, September 15, 2016

Anna Jones' Sweet Roasted Zucchini with Crispy Chickpeas

I am going to do another recipe review list for Anna Jones' new book A Modern Way to Cook since I've been quickly cooking every recipe from the book.  I'm keeping track so I can see which recipes worked and which ones didn't. In the meantime, I thought I'd start posting some pictures of the food I've made from the book.

I want to help people see, that you don't need to use a dead animal carcass as the main part of your meal, nor do you need to use a plant-based meat.  There are other options!

This recipe was pretty easy.  Grate some zucchini and put them in your broiler.  After twenty minutes add some sauteed onions, then red peppers, tomatoes, and garlic.  Finally, add a layer of crispy chickpeas.  Simple, unassuming, but really good.  She suggests you serve it with lemon dressed greens, but we ate it over pasta.

I hand grated everything..dumb.  Definitely take her suggestion to use a food processor.  This was a great way to use up the five million cherry tomatoes from the garden and my overgrown zucchini. Money saving tip:  don't buy canned beans, people!  Alway buy them dry and cook them in your slow cooker.  You'll save money and they taste better.

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  1. This looks and sounds delicious!!! I always feel better when I'm eating lighter. A definite must try.


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