Monday, April 25, 2016

What Vegans Eat: Morning Kickstart Smoothie

I did a review of Fern Green's book, Green Smoothies, a while back on my other blog.  Now that there's finally good, fresh, local produce available, I thought it was time to start trying some out.

I adapted this recipe from Fern Green's Green Smoothies Morning Kickstart recipe:  blend a handful of watercress + 1 peeled and deseeded lemon + 1 1/2 TBS wheatgerm + 1 1/2 TBS ground flaxseed + 1 TBS Bee Free Honee + 3 ice cubes.

The tyrant was not very impressed, but I liked it.  It was a little on the bitter side, so maybe a snidge more Bee Free Honee would have been good.  It definitely needed the ice. Warm, pureed watercress isn't all that appetizing...

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