Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Do You Have a Ladbrooke Soil Blocker?

I am fascinated by the idea of these soil blockers.  I've been thinking of buying the Ladbrooke Mini 4 Soil Blocker.  I like the idea of the soil blocks in lieu of the trays I use now, but I'm not sure I'm convinced they work.  It just comes across like an As Seen on TV type of gadget.  I wish they had them in stores, but it seems like you can only buy them online.
I like the idea of not having to save my plastic trays.  I also really like the idea of not disturbing the roots of the seedlings when I transplant them. You can get the Micro 20 Soil Block Maker that insert the larger blocks. In theory, this all seems great.

Now, I'm usually a DIY kinda girl, but after I saw this guy's video, I realized that DIY soil blockers are a little too labor intensive for me.  

So I was on the fence.  Is it better to buy it?  Then I found this video:

And you see how much faster it is than the DIY.  I think when you factor in the time to make it and how it's not as fast to use, I think it's better to buy it.  I mean, this isn't cheap, per se, but it's not going to break the bank either.  At around $30, to have a lifetime of not buying trays....seems like a worthwhile investment.  I am a little concerned about making these soil mixes.  I think I'll have to do more research.  Anyone who's used these and wants to chime in, I'd appreciate it.

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