Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Product Review: Morning Star Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets

I will admit, my expectations were incredibly low when I bought the Morning Star Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets.  While I only recently became vegan, I actually gave up pork about seven years ago.  My daughter loves pigs, so we stopped eating them.  People thought we were crazy.  Every thing's better with bacon, right?  Guess what, it's not.  It's more unhealthy.  It clogs your arteries more.  If that's your idea of better, then yeah...

Anyway, I used to love eating ribs a million years ago.  I didn't believe for a moment that these would be the same.  I was sure it would just be mushy, weird nuggets shaped liked ribs.  Man, was I wrong!

The texture was close-ish to ribs.  The BBQ sauce was really good!  Like, lick your fingers good. The hubby said they tasted like a McRibs with better BBQ sauce.  I can't confirm that since I haven't eaten a McRib in, quite literally, over twenty years.  He used to live primarily on fast food, so I trust his opinion on that.

With that said, it will not fool any of your meat eating friends into believing they are boneless ribs. They were good on their own, but I bet they'd make an amazing rib sandwich.  They recommended microwaving them over baking them in the oven, which surprised me.  I'll have to try them in the oven next time and see the difference.

WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN?:  Yes.  The only downside was there were only two, I guess you could call them, half racks of ribs.   If you're feeding a few people, you'd need a few boxes.  (FYI No one paid for me for this review, and I bought this box with my own hard earned cash).


  1. Time to start learning how to make them on your own then! You inspire me. I can't wait to watch this journey unfold.

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