Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kosher Does Not Mean Humane to Me...or the Chickens

If there's one thing I heard a lot when I started talking about being vegetarian (which I have been for a while now, the vegan thing is new) is that I should just eat Kosher meat. In theory, the butchering process is more humane.  But then you watch this (my 10 yo watched this, so it's not gory, fyi)....

Hello?  Religious people of the world, are you listening?  While I may not understand, or agree with your religious beliefs, I am quite certain that if there is a God, that showing no mercy, empathy or compassion for other living creatures is not going to get you into Heaven or wherever you think you go.  I couldn't believe those people carrying around those poor, terrorized chickens by the wings as if they picked up a bag of carrots!  I hope that more Jewish groups and communities start fighting harder to end this barbaric ritual.

On a separate note, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary seems to be an amazing group.  We're going to take a road trip up there this Spring.  Consider making a donation, we did.


  1. When I was pregnant for the third time, I watched a bunch of videos on how animals are not cared for and slaughtered in order to make it to out table. I didn't eat meat for several months because of it. I'm not sure when or why I went back to it. I think it's time to revisit my initial thoughts on the subject.

  2. That's my whole thing...if you want to eat meat, then educate yourself on what you're eating. If you have no problem with animals being crammed into cages, stuffed full of shit food, antibiotics and God knows what else, then painfully killed...say it, own it. If you watch that, hate what's happening but still want to eat meat, that's okay too....but then do something to advocate for the better treatment of those animals. And if it disgusts you...then stop eating it! Common sense people...


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