Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Has Sprung in New Jersey

 We finally started cleaning up the yard.  As we surveyed the garden and started talking about needed to be done, we discovered onions!  I planted and harvested onions last season.  They were small did not deter the cabbage worms.  I have no clue how all of these were still hiding in the garden.
These are easily twice, maybe three times, the size of the onions I harvested last season.  I don't know anything about growing onions, but maybe they're like garlic.  Perhaps they need to overwinter to really grow.
For the record, grocery store onions go bad after a few weeks, tops.
Organically grown onions from my garden have lasted a full year and still haven't gone bad.
Look, what's this?!

Kale!  Two of them survived despite my not doing anything to protect them.  I am working on row covers this season.  Those darn cabbage worms were such a nuisance last season and destroyed all my broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. 
BT and row covers this year for sure.

Despite the lovely Spring snow, our strawberries plants are growing in abundance.  Some have escaped their raised bed and made their way into the garden.  I'll relocate them soon.  I think I may try straw this year to keep the berries off of the ground and away from the slugs.

I will also see if picking off the runners will help produce more strawberries.  As you can see, the box is already too full of plants, I don't really need more.

Lastely, my green onions, spring onions, scallions...whatever you want to call them, are happily growing inside.  I will put them out as soon as it warms up.  The ones in the picture, I started simply by sticking the bottoms of the scallions in the pot.  Most people leave them in water, but they need soil.  They grow bigger, stronger and truly last forever. 
Ignore the random weeds in the scallion pot.  I'll get to them eventually....

I also planted the shelling peas, sugar snap peas and some beets.
While I looking forward to this year's gardening season, I am mostly looking
forward to more hours of swinging on the swings with my Peanut. 

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