Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adventures in DIY: Kitchen Island Dog Feeding Station

During that adventure, I left a space for a dog feeding station.
Well, quite some time ago...but since I'm a lazy blogger, I never updated my post...
I finally came up with a design I liked, handed it over to the Hubby who turned my vision
into a real life dog feeding station.

An even longer time ago, he picked up a beautiful old, wood tea table at the side of the road. 
It was a mess.  The only things salvageable was it's hardware and spindle legs.  
I was sad dismantling it, but happy we could give it a new life. 
The paint was from a random can that appeared in the basement.  The bowls are my dog's original dog bowls.  The rest was made from extra laminate shelving we had in the basement.
So basically, this dog feeding station cost just about nothing, but some time and energy.

Stop wasting money buying new things, or buying new things that look old, and actually start repurposing the things you already have!

Getting the spacing right was the pain in the ass part, but the rest wasn't complicated.
He laid the bowl upside down and traced it, then cut the hole about an inch inside the line so the bowls would have a lip to sit on.  It's not a pristine cut, but no one sees it, so who cares?

Insert bowls and voila!  I know that's not much of an explanation, but really, this was not a complicated project.  Make sure you look up guidelines for how tall a feeding station should be based on your dog's height.  I have a very large dog, so this might look very high, but it's perfect for him.

The outlet...yeah, maybe it would be more convenient somewhere else, but a real, union electrician installed it, and I don't like messing with electric.  It's not as big of a pain to use as you might think.
We hung the leashes on the side of the island, but certain tiny humans who will remain unnamed kept knocking it off and broke my owl hook.  Thanks to my lovely father-in-law who welded it back together for me.  That was right after he welded the vintage plant hanger I broke.  My father-in-law is a very patient man...

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