Friday, September 13, 2013

Homemade Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

I am not a fan of cherry tomatoes. I only grew three cherry tomato plants this year, and I still spend and enormous amount of time harvesting those tomatoes.  It's annoying.  I told the Peanut and the Hubby, for whom I am growing these tomatoes, that they are in charge of harvesting them.  So far, that hasn't panned out.  I told them no more next year, they complained.  Blah.  We'll see.
In the meantime, I have 5 million cherry tomatoes from just three plants.  I've been slow roasting them in the toaster oven, because I'm too lazy to turn on the oven.  And then I throw them in a mason jar with olive oil.  But this is like a freaking all day process!  Yeeesh.
Then as I was perusing the web, I came across Pretty Prudent.  When they say their recipe for pickled cherry tomatoes are the best and the easiest, they aren't kidding.

Their site is super pretty, with lovely pictures and a more detailed description so I would definitely recommend checking out their page and the full recipe there at Pretty Prudent Pickled Tomato Recipe
My slightly less labor intensive, semi following the directions, half recipe version involved boiling:
 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup filtered water
1 TBS kosher salt
1 TBS white granulated sugar
3 garlic cloves, sliced
a pinch of coriander powder
6 peppercorns
I let it cool down, which is not something I normally do when pickling.  I 'm going to maybe try it again with the liquid boiling hot...anyway...
I did not poke holes in my tomatoes as per the recipe because I'm too lazy to do all that.  I just cleaned and washed them and threw them into a pint sized mason jar.  Then I poured the brine on the covered about a half pint worth as you can see.  I didn't use a sterilized anything, but I'd bet both the lid and jar were recently in the dishwasher.  Use you're own discretion, or FDA guidelines, for what should and shouldn't be carefully sterilized.
As you can see, super easy, and seriously good.  I don't know what you're supposed to eat these with, but I like to have a few while I'm wasting electricity standing in front of the open fridge deciding what to make for dinner. 

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