Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Canning, Canning and More Canning

Yesterday afternoon, we went out to the garden and picked this.
I weighed, bagged and froze almost five pounds of string beans this morning.
Many too big because I waited too long, but certainly still edible.
And who knows how many pounds of tomatoes.
I see more canning in my future...
So far I've canned over 30 quarts of tomatoes...whole, crushed and sauce.
And many quarts of tomatoes, sliced peaches in syrup,
peach jam, hot dog relish, cantaloupe jam, pineapple jam and peach bbq sauce.

I've also been making ginger beer, bread and butter as well as
fermented pickles, fermented hot sauce,
and a whole bunch of other crap,
but I'll post those pics with the recipes.
It has been a busy summer!
I know I've been MIA but I hope you've all been having fun.

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