Sunday, April 20, 2008

The New Layout

a view from the top

First my plan got thrown off because I changed the window above the sink from a 92"W x 25"H two panel slider to a 36W" x 38"H double hung, which meant moving the sink over a foot so it could be centered under the window. Changing the two drawer base cabs from 30" to 36" each solved that problem. But unfortunately, that closed off the entrance to the kitchen from the living room.

front view minus the island After sliding over the fridge to where the 15" pantry would have been, I decided it was definitely too cramped. Then I tried a million different layouts on the planner, stared at the space, drew all over the Hardibacker with crayon and pushed the fridge around several times before settling on the new oven wall layout. I changed the over the fridge cab to a 36" so I could keep my folding step stool there and could accommodate a larger fridge if I ever got a new one. That means no cool under the cabinet step stool, but I can keep the Tupperware there.

oven/fridge/microwave/coffee station wall Equally unfortunate, that new oven wall layout meant I'd only have one pantry. So instead of three 36" wall cabs followed by one 24" pantry, I only have two 36" wall cabs followed by two 24" pantries and an 18" wall/base unit (I figured with a pull out I could put the dog food in there.)

side by side pantries w/ dog food storage pull out (the wall on the right doesn't exist, that's where the family room is)I laid out boxes and other random things creating an obstacle course so I could test the spacing out. After which I decided a 6' long island is too short and 7' is too long, but 6 1/2' was perfect.

the island is facing the wrong way

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