Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Backsplash Options

I think I'm going to wait to make a final backsplash choice. I originally wanted a green, glass subway tile that I saw somewhere in the IKEAfans gallery. Then I found out how expensive it was...yeeowza, talk about sticker shock.

Then I found these and thought, wow...this is perfect!

Then I went and bought an Adel Medium Brown cab from IKEA and held up a drawer front to my floor and backsplash tile and my five hundred thousand paint chips. It looked good with the backsplash tile above, but I actually really liked it with the one below...which I already have two boxes of.
I even have a box of these coppery tiles. I might even have enough to do little accents in the backsplash. Although, if it's going to be an enormous pain in the tuckus to cut the little tiles to insert the accent, then forget it.

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