Thursday, February 28, 2008

My IKEA Kitchen Planner Plans

I have worked and reworked this plan so many times I can't even begin to explain. And btw, the people at IKEA need to work on their Planner. The darn thing freezes all the time! Which is why I also have graph paper versions of these that I'll post eventually.

My initial plan was to wrap the cabinets all the way to the window. But after I figured out what would go in each cabinet, I realized I just didn't need them.

I also had planned on 39" cabinets but after a trip to IKEA and after showing a couple of houses with them, I realize that I wouldn't be able to see the upper two cabinets, let alone reach into them with a ladder. The pantry at the end will be for dog food and entertaining platters and tiered pieces.

I am still debating on the one 39" cabinet about the dishwasher which would hold all my glasses. My plan, starting from the left, pull out garbage, sink, dishwasher, and two base cabinets for dishes and silverware.

Again, left to right, oven w/ baking trays, flour, etc., fridge w/ cabinets for holiday entertaining pieces, microwave/toaster oven landing so I have a place to put things from the pantry or things I've pulled out of the fridge, then the pantry.

Left to right: pull out for oils/vinegar, etc., onions/potatoes (actually they'll be reversed but I forgot to change it), the stove cabinet will hold all the pots and lids and then the last cabinet will be for my cooking utensils.

The island is actually 6'6" long and 3' wide with 42" walkway all around except for about two feet near the basement door which will have 36". There will also be an island hood (downdrafts are not very effective) above the gas cooktop. Both the cooktop and sink will have the required 18" landing on it's shortest side.

Any suggestions?

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