Thursday, November 2, 2017

Vegan Options at TGIFridays

I saw something come across my Facebook feed about vegan options at TGIFridays.  The gave you options that I don't believe are remotely accurate.  As per the email I received from TGIFridays:

"Thank you for emailing TGI Fridays.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The only vegan item we have on the menu is Beyond Burger on Test Locations in Boston Area.

Thank you for your interest in TGI Fridays!"

So yeah...nothing.

Just look at their Allergen Menu.

Vegan Menu TGI Friday
Picture from go check out her experience at TGIFridays

Side salad has dairy.  The fries have egg, dairy, fish and and shellfish!  What the....?  And why does 99% of their menu have dairy?  Ewww.  I'm going to bet their bread has dairy, so I'd double check that before ordering their Beyond Burger.

I'm surprised so many sites are listing things like the fries.  Never trust any site...even this one.  Always do your own research.  Asking a server isn't enough.  Check out their allergen menus.  Whenever possible, ask to see the packaging of the food (that's how one person from my vegan Facebook group discovered the salt at her movie theatre had dairy in it and how I discovered my local White Castle doesn't stock vegan bread for their veggie burgers even though they're supposed to).

And please, before I get comments from people talking about cross contamination, that is not what this is.  If it was, they would specifically state that due to cross-contamination they can't guarantee that their food won't have allergens.  Also, if they were listing possible cross-contamination, then every item would list everything.  No.  This is a list that, based on the ingredients in the food, contain these allergens.  If you think I'm wrong, and that the TGIFridays representative was wrong, then contact them yourself.

I'm not a chain person myself.  I prefer supporting local restaurants.  But, perhaps you should check out a different chain when you go out, because no one wants fish in their french fries...or maybe you each their own.

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  1. we dont find many restauranst that offer vegan food along with vegeterian and food with meat, usually to eat vegan you need to go to a vegan only restaraunt, good to se tgifridays changed that. these dishes look delicious!


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