Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Vegan Christmas Presents - Shop a Non-Profit!

Still looking for presents for your favorite vegan?  Are you against how materialistic the holidays have come, but don't want to disappoint friends and family members by nothing giving them something you wrapped?  My mother always said to buy yourself a present to so you're getting at least one thing you actually wanted.  So maybe you're just looking for a present for yourself.

Do something good and shop at a non-profit's online store.

You know I love my "Give a Cluck, Go Vegan!" shirt.  Get it here at United Poultry Concerns.  I wear it when I grocery shop to make people feel uncomfortable...yes, I'm an ass.

How about a cute cosmetic bag from the Beagle Freedom Project?  They have t-shirts on their site, but if you were lucky, you got one during their fundraiser like I did that says "Stop Testing on Beagles"

Cosmetic Bag

I am super excited to get my Vegan AF shirt from PETA.  FYI they also have a Vegan Holiday Chocolate Box.  I also picked up a ton of stickers.  My daughter puts them on all her school stuff and it really seems to be starting a lot of great conversations amoungst her peers.

Vegan AF Fitted T-Shirt

Admittedly, a little pricer, but remember it's for a good cause...Farm Sanctuary has some great stuff.  I'm still on the fence about this shirt....Farm Sanctuary Vintage Rainbow Tee
How about some hot sauce from Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary?


If I didn't hate long sleeves so much, I'd buy this shirt from Mercy for Animals.

If you aren't into the stuff at the non-profits, how about buying from a company that donates to a non-profit group?  Ivory Ella donates 10% of it's profits to Save the Elephants.

My daughter is so obsessed with this shirt, I had to get it for her.  A portion of every item purchased from iHeartCats goes to feeding shelter cats.  They also help to feed shelter dogs with items purchased from iHeartDogs.  They work with Rescue Bank a Program of

Go Google your favorite sanctuaries and shelters and see what they have.  Don't need something wrapped?  Why not make a donation in someone's name? Join in on Woodstock Farm Sanctuary's fundraiser for Hay Every Day

Or sponsor an animal from Barn Sanctuary!  


 I hope you guys have gotten more people crossed off your list than I have!

None of these links are affliate links.  These are all just organizations I support and believe in.

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