Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Don't Eat a Turkey (YUCK), Sponsor One Instead!

If you wouldn't eat a puppy, why would you eat a turkey?  Much like puppies, they are sweet, curious, like to snuggle and all have their own personalities.  No one really likes eating turkey anyway.  It's the gravy.  It's the sides.  Be honest, almost your whole plate is covered with sides.  And for those of us who have not bought into the lameass marketing ploy of the dairy and pork industry, we know everything is not better with butter or bacon.  Plus, there are easy substitutions for everything that are healthier, cruelty-free and doesn't leave you feeling like crap afterward.

Thanksgiving is really a very vegan holiday, people just don't realize that.  The sides are the best part and they're all veggies!

What do you eat in place of turkey?  Easy, go pick up a vegan roast from Trader Joe's for $9.99, that's what I buy.  Or try your local grocery store, we have a slew of vegan holiday roasts available here in Jersey, from Gardein's basic stuffing filled roll one to by Vegetarian Plus that looks like a turkey!  And of course the old school Tofurky.  The internet is full of DIY vegan roasts, but I'm happy to buy one of these.  Don't feel like cooking at all? Get an prepared Vegan Dinner from Whole Foods! 

No turkey, means more room for pie!

We sponsored turkeys at Farm Sanctuary and at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.
Start a new tradition of your own, and sponsor a turkey this year!

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