Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Stowaway - A Portable Roof Rack

This post is not sponsored, nor am I receiving anything for posting about it. I just bought one earlier in the campaign and realized it was something worth sharing here.  The Stowaway is a portable roof rack that sets up in minutes and is smaller than a shoebox.  What?!  I know, right?

I have spent many hours cramming boards and plywood in and on top of my car leading to various levels of unsafe driving.  I kept thinking about getting a roof rack, but that seemed like a pain.  I knew I'd never have it on me when I needed it.  Plus, they're expensive as all get out!  The makers say it's durable...I don't know.  Unfortunately, I won't know until after its ship date of February 2017.

Check it out (FYI I can't get the video to work on Chrome, but it's fine on other platforms.  If you're having an issue, just click the product link and watch it on Kickstarter.)

I'll come back and post a review after I get it. In the meantime, if you want one for yourself, there's only 4 days left to order it. You can find it here on Kickstarter.

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