Friday, March 11, 2016

What Do Vegans Eat: Vegan Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

My Mom keeps telling me you have to be creative to eat vegan food.  I keep telling her, no you don't, because I still eat everything I used to eat...except no animals had to be tortured or murdered, plus it's healthier!  Why are people so into eating stuff that's slowly killing them?

Anyway, here's my lunch.  Doesn't it look like a generic sandwich?  Of course it does!  See Mom, whom I love and adore, you don't have to be creative.  Just make a sandwich, it's not rocket science.

Mine is on this amazing Syrian Kosher Rye bread, with Just Mayo,  Lightlife Smart Deli Meatless Veggie Ham Slices (no, it doesn't taste like ham, but it's still good!), GoVeggie American Singles (not as soft as dairy cheese, but fine on a sandwich), lettuce (no link requires, I would hope....), and homemade pickled green tomatoes (made at the end of last summer and still delicious).

For all the people out there who are like my Mom, and are convinced it's difficult to be vegan, here's proof that it's not.  Nor is it more expensive, because the prices for all the vegan products I used were comparable to the prices I pay for the animal based options.  Plus, I'm cheap as all get out, so if it was more expensive I wouldn't have bought any of it.

For the record, you don't have to stop eating meat all at once.  If you want to be healthier.  If you love animals and are bothered by the torture they endure.  Just take small steps.  I mean really, if you switched to non-dairy cheese and meatless deli slices, you'd save enough animals to make a difference.  Plus me, the animals and your heart will thank you.

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