Friday, October 30, 2015

Garden Tour - October 29, 2015

Garden Tour in October?  The END of October?!  Hell yeah baby.  
I have onions galore popping up.

The scallions...they were dying off, but made a comeback.

If you grow dill and don't harvest it in time, it goes to seed.
If you don't get to those seeds in time, they will plant themselves.
You know, nature and science and the cycle of life and all that.
And when that happens, you wind up with a huge blanket of dill.

I didn't plant this bean.  Maybe it'll turn into a magical bean stalk.

The kale is the size of a large bush.

I have a problem.  I planted broccoli and cauliflower.  So far all I have are leaves, 
no flowers.  FYI broccoli and cauliflower are flowers, again science.... I read you can eat the leaves, which at the rate we're going, is probably going to be our only option.

I have no clue which one of these pictures are broccoli or cauliflower.

Oh well.  If it ever flowers, then the mystery will be solved.

I planted a million basil plants, most of which went to seed and died, 
because I was so enamored with the amount of bees that showed up.  Bees are
fascinating.  No I have a ton of dead basil with lots of seeds that I will probably
have a slew of random basil growing next year...not a bad thing...

Somehow the mint starting growing through a crack in the faux greenhouse.
I'm going to leave it and see if it will last long into the winter.

I don't remember if I ever posted a picture of this path.  I used to have a pretty unimpressive
path from the deck to the gazebo, so I moved them along side the garden. The key
is to try to get a straight line along the border and then just fill in the rest.
I half assed filled the cracks with sand, which if you know my yard, didn't deter the growth of weeds.
Nothing stops them in my yard.  And no, I'm not going to use Round Up, because I'm not an idiot. 

 For the love of God, please everyone stop using Round Up.

The rabbits eat the weeds.  I pull the weeds.  My Hubby weed whacks them.  It's not a big deal.
My dog is obsessed with walking on this path, it's weird.  I love being able to go out barefoot
and not worry about stepping in something gross.

At the end of the path, are the artichokes.  This one did nothing all summer, 
then has magically taken off now that it's cold.  No artichokes though.

The brown sad looking artichokes on the left are the ones from my previous artichoke pictures.  That plant decided to start growing a whole new plant by itself.  You can see it in the bottom right corner.
Well, you can kind of see it.  I stopped pulling weeds a while ago, and everything's kind of a mess.

I started everything too late this year.  We didn't wind up with half as many tomatoes as we usually do.  But it was still a pretty good gardening year.  Time to start planning for next spring.

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  1. I love looking into your backyard and recreating what it looked like when we were just two bad girl teenagers. We've come so far in this life!


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