Thursday, August 13, 2015

Garden Tour - August 13, 2015

While we were away visiting the folks, the garden really took off.

For the record, I did not plant cherry tomatoes. Ying and Yang love them, but they never want to spend the time harvesting them.  Unfortunately, my garden is spiteful and likes to grow random cherry tomato plants all over the place.  The Tyrant has actually been helping to pick them this year, so I guess it all worked out.

The regular tomatoes are growing nicely, but I feel like there aren't as many as last year.  I guess starting all the seeds late really did make a difference.

My mom gave me these bean seeds, I have no clue what kind they are.  Two plants supplied us with beans for many, many meals.  They turn green when you cook them!

Every year I grow basil and something goes wrong.  I never wind up with more than a few handfuls.  This year, I think I went a little overboard.  I know, that's an understatement...

No bell peppers, just bell pepper plants.  All the cilantro bolted before I used any of it.

I love all the eggplants!  I have to grow more plants next year.

Something ate the leaves off of the broccoli and cauliflower, as well as lots of the beans.  I'm guessing it's the groundhogs.  I thought they were happy with the pears, I guess not.

I feel like the cantaloupe are taking forever to ripen.

Same with the watermelon.

Most of the cucumber plants are shriveled up and dying, but there are a few still growing. 

The kale is going strong.

My beautiful white onion flowers are now all black seeds.

 I only made one batch of lox before the dill flowers dried up and turned to seed.

We only ate two artichoke.  Someone, who will remain nameless, never cut any while I was away.

See!  A million pears!  Why couldn't the groundhogs just be happy with them? Our squirrel and our cardinals seem super happy eating them.

It's good the wildlife can eat them, because they started getting these weird dark spots and never get soft or sweet anymore.  Granted, the tree is over twenty years old, so it is what it is.

I started a new batch of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower seeds.  Hopefully the groundhogs will be hibernating by the time they go into the garden.

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