Thursday, April 16, 2015

Garden Tour - April 16, 2015

Many things have sprouted in our garden.
The thyme went from gray to green overnight.
The tarragon is back.
And so is the oregano.
Our first asparagus of the season!

I don't normally grow beets, but we're trying them this year. 

These are shelling peas.  The sugar snap peas are also coming up, but I
forgot to take a picture.  The seedlings looks the same, so whatever...

Remember when the kale looked like this?
I only pulled off three or four of the super dried out leaves.
The rest of the sad, pale, yellow green leaves are turning a beautiful
dark green almost like magic.  So cool!

The weird thing is, they are growing leaves from the stem.

I learned last year we did not have a cabbage moth problem, we had a
Silverleaf Whitefly problem.  I am not so sure what the best way to manage them are,
but I will get back to you with what I find out.

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