Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden Tour - June 23, 2014

For Mother's Day, my little one with the help of the Hubby, made me this stepping stone for my garden

I know we've been harvesting peas, sugar snap peas and strawberries, 
but waiting on the rest is making me nuts.
Notice the blanket of honeysuckle on the back fence?
And on the left...that's a raspberry bush that turned into a tree.
There are currently morning doves nesting in there.

These are store bought scallions.  I had then in a jar of water for a while.
They started looking bleh, so I stuck them in this pot and voila!  Back to life!

These are the flowers my peanut bought me at the Mother's Day Sale.

We decided to try the trellises vertical instead of horizontal.
My dear, sweet husband patiently used twine to help train them to climb up and not out.
Notice behind them, those are the Roses of Sharon he transplanted, also upon my request.
I'd like to have a barrier between us and the neighbors.  They're nice, but I'd like more privacy.
These suckers grow tall and spread, out.  Nice, free, natural fence.  Much prettier than vinyl.

We already have some cucumbers growing.

I love how bright yellow cucumber flowers are.

We did the same thing with the cantaloupe.  
Ignore the blue barrel.  It was supposed to be a rain barrel, but now that we have two,
I'm not sure what to do with this just yet.

String beans.  I had issues starting them, so I threw some in the ground and simply hoped for the best.

I think I'm having some flea issue with the eggplant, thus the little holes.
I've read that coffee grounds deter them, so I've been saving them up.  
I used to just go to Starbucks, but they've been a pain about giving them out.

What's that I see?  A tomato?  Finally!

My little seedlings are now quite tall and flowering.  I grew a lot less tomatoes this year.
I'm hoping that was a good decision.  Time will tell.

You know I hate to use and/or buy commercial bug deterrents.  Unfortunately, it became clear that
I would lose all of my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage seedlings if I did not use something.
Mother Earth Magazine, as well as a lot of organic gardening sites, recommended BT, so I caved and bought some.  I have to say, I was impressed at how quickly it stopped my poor seedlings from being eaten.

They say planting onions near them helps, but it didn't seem to help us at all.

I'm curious to see if growing my own savoy cabbage is worth the space it takes in the garden.

I didn't do it on purpose, but somehow my zucchini are growing in succession.
The one on the right is obviously the biggest, while the one furthest on the left is still tiny.

The bell pepper plants are still very small, but getting bigger everyday.

These four kale plants have produced so much kale I can't even explain.
For those of you that think of kale as tough and bitter...grow your own.  It's a whole different world.

The sugar snap peas are literally seven feet tall.  I need a step stool to pick them.

The corn is growing very.....slowly.......

See these pretty potato flowers?

Well, they vanished.  And the potatoes don't seem to be growing anymore.

The strawberries continue to grow steadily.  The Peanut picks a cup's worth everyday.

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