Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden Tour - May 4, 2014

Something happened to a bunch of my seedlings.  I started mostly over, let's see how it goes.
In the meantime, I have plenty of peas growing.

As usual, I have 5 millions pounds of mint growing. 

See that plant growing amidst the mint?  The one with the little white flowers?
Apparently, it's garlic mustard.  It is edible, although it does contain some cyanide.
It is also incredibly invasive.  My Bestie the Hot Horticulturalist
(apparently, I can't use her name, but I can say that, yeesh) says to pull it all out, so I will.
I may still try a garlic mustard pesto recipe...we'll see.

It's hard to see, but the strawberry patch has flowers.

I'm trying to grow potatoes one last time.  The first time, they mostly rotted.
The second time, it took a lot of space, and I grew like ten potatoes.
This time, I'm trying out the infamous growing potatoes in a garbage trick I saw
on the Hope Gardens site.  We're trying Adirondack Blue, Russet and Yukon Gold.
Hopefully, they will later become the best pierogies ever.

The spinach took it's time, but it's finally growing.

As are the kale.

Honestly, I forgot what this is a picture of...Savoy Cabbage?  Green Macerata?  Purple of Sicily?
They all look the same to me, so I'm never sure...

Sugar snap peas.  I use two small tomato cages stacked on top of each other
to keep them from falling over.  Hopefully, we'll be better about picking them this year.

 This mint is different from what I grow.  I have no idea how it decided to
move into the garden.  I'll have to pull and relocate them.

The garlic I used from store bought stuff that sprouted.  Almost all of it died over the winter.
I have three that made it.  Let's see if they turn into a full head or just stay a little clove.

Not only have the asparagus started growing, we've actually had some for dinner already.

It's been a mix of super skinny to insanely thick.  I have more roots someone gave me.
I'm debating on planting them in front lawn....

It's still on and off chilly.  So much so that I forgot to start leaving my seedlings out to harden off.
They'll move into the grow station tomorrow.  If I remember....

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