Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Before and After of the Old and the New Butcherblock



I was looking at the post about joining the counters and and the new counter didn't seem that much bigger in the picture, so I decided a side-by-side view would be worth posting.  Of course, when published, the side by side had to be super small to work, which was stupid.  So I changed the layout and now it's fine.
Much like the layout of this post, joining the counters didn't go according to plan, but we rolled with it.  Don't let the fear of doing it wrong stop you from trying to take on project.  Just do it with the belief that it'll be fine.  Even the most experienced contractors will come across surprise issues and have to readjust.  Don't plow through.  Take a deep breath, walk away from it and then come up with a revised plan.  If nothing else, the end result will always be the satisfaction in knowing you did it yourself and that alone is awesome!

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