Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Tour - July 7, 2012

I finally planted potatoes. I know, very late.  Whatever.  I bought seed potatoes on clearance for $2. 
I threw all 18 into the 4'x2' box (maybe it's bigger...) the Hubby made me with layers to add on top later when I have to pile on more soil.  I can't just plant them in the ground because
potatoes just rot to nothing in my soil.

I think these are Romas.

I still don't know what's eating my cauliflower, but it's still growing...

I have so many zucchini and summer squash I don't know what to do with it all.

See how big this bell pepper plant is?  Guess what? No peppers! Wtf!?

I think these are Big Rainbow tomatoes.

Only one eggplant survived.

I don't know what happened with the cantaloupe this year, but
we finally have a couple of plants growing.

After we dropped off the Peanut with my family, we came home to over 20 pounds of cucumbers.
I picked some and gave away a bunch at work.

The Hubby's friend from the gym gave him pepper seeds.
I think these are mild peppers.

Black Krim tomatoes.

I think these are the hot peppers.

I really don't know why the cucumbers are doing so well this year.
I have both pickling and bush growing.
I think it's going to take over the entire back of the garden.

One of the best parts of the garden is seeing all the bees buzzing around.
I'm also happy to report the bunnies have been hanging in the yard,
but so far (knock on wood) none in my garden.
But we might have a mole/gopher/groundhog over by the asparagus and strawberry boxes.

Crap! I forgot to take pics of the herb garden out time...
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  1. Wow! Thanks a lot for the garden tour. I really enjoyed it. I really envied some of your plants. I am glad that you shared them. I am so proud of you.


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