Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Tour - June 16, 2012

Lots of peas.

Lettuce, carrots...I keep meaning to start more, but I haven't...yeeesh.


Summer Squash.

Only one cauliflower survived and something's eating it. 
Gotta make some bug spray.

Something's eating the bell pepper plant too.
This is easily the biggest bell pepper plant I've ever grown.

Out of the tomato seedlings, 18 survived.
We've had tons of rain so they're getting huge...well, huge for me.
I've seen people online deep watering them by burying pvc tubes...
Theirs get 6-10 feet, but too much work for me.

Hot peppers.

Eggplant. Something's eating that too!
Only two survived and the other one doesn't look so good.

Cantaloupe.  I don't know what's up with the cantaloupe this year.
I think the problem is the soil in that section of the garden.
It's muddy...Idk if one of my idiot neighbors is doing something again.
Or if its just something about that side.

Spinach.  Looks big in the pic, but they're small in real life.

Lots of cucumber flowers, so pretty.

So I have bush cucumbers in the front and pickling climber ones on the side.
Although looking at the bush ones, I think they'd do better if I strung them up too.
We'll see...I'm keeping an eye on them while I debate it out in my head.

Heavy duty trellis made from scrap wood.

And here are my favorite flowers...
My Peanut bought them for me at the Mother's Day sale at school.
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