Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Give Me Crap for Not Weeding

Honestly, I have no idea why I've been so crappy about weeding.  I'm home and I have my action hoe.  It's just been so hot.  Whatever.  I'm just saying, don't give me crap because I don't want to hear it.  So blah. 

I already harvested a the potato plants I was growing in pots.  They didn't produce as much as I hoped, probably due to uneven watering.  But there were several pounds of potatoes.  And let me say, so much more delicious than the ones from the store.  Definitely growing them next year.  Here is one of the five I have in the garden.  I wanted to see which did better, pots or in the ground.

Despite being eaten, the cauliflower continues to grow.  I don't know when it'll start looking like an actual cauliflower, but I'm happy it made a come back.

I did a lot of heirloom tomatoes this year.  Here's a beefsteak.  The other plants are doing okay...couple of tomatoes here and there.  They are moving much slower than...

...the tomato plants that I started from seeds I saved from gardens of previous years.  The Roma tomatoes are bigger then ever and I don't know that I've ever had as many as there are on this one plant.

Oh, btw, the corn is over six feet tall.  None of the ears seem very full. So I haven't picked any yet.

Back to the tomatoes.  Remember last year, I grew way too many cherry tomatoes.  This year I planted just one plant from the seeds I saved.  Holy crap.  It's gotten so big, we're up to three cages and these two stakes the Hubby haphazardly threw together just to get the plant of the ground.  It's a monster sized.  I guess even with one plant, I'm going to have to spend hours harvesting cherry tomatoes.
I've been sending the hubby to work with handfuls of cherry tomatoes in his lunchbox. 

I'm not sure what's up with the cucumbers.  They grow, then they get misshapen.  Maybe I'm not watering enough, but I really think it's these seeds.  I'm going to try different ones next year.

The cucumbers like the trellis, the cantaloupe absolutely loves it.  I can't believe how these two plants are halfway to completely covering it.
We have four cantaloupes growing, but I bet there are more in there.

 We have never planted pumpkins before.  I assumed this was going to be a spaghetti squash.'s pumpkin.  It's taking over the corner of the yard. 
The Hubby has taken it on as his own special plant.  Here's the first pumpkin we found.

Here's another little one just starting out.

Not counting the little ones that may or may not make it, we have four that we are aware of.  I guess I won't have to spend thirty plus dollars at the pumpkin patch this year, we can pick our own in our yard!

The carrots in and beets in the pots are taking forever to be edible.  Makes me crazy.

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