Friday, July 1, 2011

Our New Cucumber and Cantaloupe Trellises

I was searching for a better way to trellis our cucumbers and cantaloupes when I came across this as well as some others that were very tall, similar to a pergola.  I was inspired!
Using some deck wood we picked up from Craigslist's free section, the Hubby built me these. 

They're about 4x5 feet and 2 feet tall.  I only planted two regular cucumbers and two pickler cucumbers, but next year, I'll definitely start more.  I took these pics the day he built's been a week or so since they went up and the cucumbers seem much happier than before and are slowly creeping along the top.
Even the cantaloupes which were looking a little downtrodden are perking up.  Although, I think I need new seeds, only two out of the eight I planted actually sprouted.

I'll keep you posted on how well they work.

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