Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Expanded Garden

This was my garden in 2008.  I think each bed was about 4' x 6'.

The following year I expanded it by two more 4' x 6' beds.

In 2010, the Boyfriend helped me expand it to about 15' x 25'...give or take.

And this is it as of today.  The Boyfriend just emailed me a pic while I was in school.  He finished cutting out the sod and is about to turn it over.  It is now around 500 square feet...about 16 x 32.

When he moved the fence, I thought it was too big.  Then he pointed out that last year, I said the same thing when we made it bigger.  Then it turned out to not be enough room...
I think this will be the last of our expansion.  We also have two 2' x 8' beds on the side of the house.  One for the asparagus, the other for strawberries.  One has a trellis for my peas.  I also have a couple of large containers I previously used for beets and carrots, but I think the potatoes will go in them this year.
And for the record, yes he put in the fence and cut the sod in the back, but I turned over eighty percent of the soil myself.  Just saying...

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