Thursday, March 10, 2011

Literally Painting a Family Tree on Your Wall

I love the idea of doing something like this from Simple Shapes.

 But I'm not sure if I'd do it in the living room...
This one from Dream Home might be too bright for our living room,
but I it would be cute in a kids room or play room.

 or in the dining room.
This one from LKW would be good if you have a lot of family.

Family Tree Wall Decal Tree Wall Sticker - Vinyl Tree Wall Decor

 I've heard you should keep artwork in the dining room simple. 
This one from Mural Unique is nice.  (Thanks Jen L. for finding the decal!)
These are all so pretty. I'm struggling with our dining room. I hate a love/hate thing going on with the chocolate suede paint I used. Maybe it is too dark. Ugh.


  1. Where did you find this tree painted in the nursery? I'd like to do one in my daughter's room, and am wondering if this is handpainted or if it's a vinyl decal...thanks.

  2. Sorry, I wish I could tell you. Before Pinterest I would just save random pics of things I liked in m computer but I rarely kept any information about where I got the images from. It was more of an inspiration thing than a how to. Sorry!

  3. My father-in-law painted a family tree in my living. It's really big, but I love it!


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